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Spider veins or thread veins are terms used for small, unsightly, superficial veins usually found in clusters on the legs. They can cause discomfort and are frequently a reason for concern amongst women, who are more likely to develop them. The demand for treatment is rapidly increasing due to over 50% prevalence of spider veins among adults.



Most people with thread veins find them unappealing and hide them with clothing or cosmetic camouflages. Microsclerotherapy is the most effective option for addressing this issue. Firstly, we provide an initial, careful assessment to make sure the procedure is suitable for you.



What is microsclerotherapy?

Microsclerotherapy involves the injection of ‘sclerosant’ solution with micro-needle into the blood vessels that cause concerns. The injected solution works on the internal wall of the small vessels, triggering them to shut down and disappear.

What the vessels can be treated with microsclerotherapy?

Microsclerotherapy is used to treat telangiectasia veins on legs. These are also known as superficial thread or spider veins. Please, see Vascular Specialist first if you suffer from varicose veins as they are not the same as thread veins. 

What shall I expect after the treatment? 

Immediately after treatment, some swelling, redness, small bruising and tingly sensation are noticed. They will subside withing several hours after the procedure. Visually, the small veins look darker than before treatment and resolve withing a few weeks afterward. Sometimes, minor, temporary pigmentation development is observed. The risk of serious, undesirable side effects such as post-sclerotherapy thrombi and broad swelling is very rare.

At Novello Skin, we will provide after care instructions for you to minimise possible side effects. The use of graduated compression hosiery will promote the healing process and reduce possible side effects. We, also, will review the results of treatment after course completion to make sure the desired effect is achieved.

How many treatments do I need to achieve desirable results?

It is recommended to have around 4 microsclerotherapy treatments with 8-12 weeks interval to achieve a reduction of spider veins’ appearance by approximately 50-80%. Results can vary due to many factors such as gender, age, skin type and medical conditions.

Is microsclerotherapy safe?

Micresclerotherapy is widely used and recognised treatment for spider veins. At Novello Skin, we use the modern generation of ‘tried and tested sclerosants’, developed since the 1950s alongside strict pharmaceutical licensing law such as Sodium Tetradecyl. This product is licensed for spider veins’ treatment with evidence-based research behind it.

Does it hurt?

Slight discomfort can be expected during the procedure. The treatment is well tolerated due to micro-needle use with a safe amount of ‘sclerosant’.

What are the side effects?

The risk of serious side effects from microsclerotherapy treatment is extremely low. Common short-term side effects in the hours immediately following a microsclerotherapy treatment include:

  • redness,
  • swelling similar to nettle stings at the puncture site,
  • tingling or itching sensation around treated areas

Longer lasting side effects following microsclerotherapy include

  • bruising, 
  • brown pigmentation of the treatment area.

It is advised to use compression hosiery after the procedure to, substantially,  minimise possible side effects. 



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