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Skin Boosters & Hydration

Skin boosting is a new and scientifically proven approach to skin hydration, improving elasticity, texture and skin tone.

As Hyaluronic Acid based products, skin boosters have their special place between mesotherapy and dermal fillers and could be combined with other aesthetic treatments. Skin boosters restore skin hydro balance, improving skin elasticity and structure to create a fresh and natural look.

Skin Boosters & Hydration


Skin boosters are injected in micro-droplets in the superficial or mid-dermis, depending on manufacture. They could be used on the face, neck, décolletage or the dorsum of the hands with hydrating and rejuvenation purpose. At Novello skin we only used approved skin boosters and deep skin hydrating products such as PROFHILO®, RESTYALNE VITAL® , JUVEDERM VOLITE®  and TEOSYAL® PURESENSE REDENSITY 1.

PROFHILO® is relatively novel treatment and first stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid-based product that aims to improve tissue quality while treating skin laxity, and it won the award for the best injectable product in Europe at this year’s Aesthetic Industry Awards.

Skin Boosters & Hydration


How many sessions of skin boosters do I need and how long do the results last?

Usually, the course of 2- 3 treatments with skin boosters such as RESTYALNE VITAL® , JUVEDERM VOLITE®  and TEOSYAL® PURESENSE REDENSITY 1  is needed for good results with maintenance through single injection session around every 6 months.

PROFHILO® course is recommended as a course of 2 treatments one month apart with maintenance every 6 months as 1-2 sessions per cycle.

Are skin boosters right for my skin?

Skin boosters are suitable for the most people with the first signs of ageing and, also, for women undergoing menopausal changes when skin can feel drier and more sensitive. Your medical practitioner will tailor treatment plan to meet your skin needs and would advise if there ae any contraindications.

Are skin boosters the same as mesotherapy?

The contrast between skin boosters and mesotherapy is in the additional components of the mesotherapy cocktails, which can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and plant extracts. In this way, mesotherapy allows for the treatment of a wider range of conditions such as pigmentation, scars, cellulite, alopecia, and stretch marks, along with improving rough, dull, lacklustre skin. Mesotherapy cocktails are injected into the middle layer of the skin, while injectable moisturisers plump and hydrate from just below the surface- the injections are shallower.

Can skin boosters be combined with other treatments?

Combining skin boosters with other aesthetic treatments can increase their results significantly. They are successfully used alongside active skin care, micro-needling (Dermaroller), pigmentation and anti-wrinkle treatments. Especially, skin boosters in conjunction with micro-needling is become more popular, as it is highly effective in delivering the best clinical results. This synergetic combination is called “Gel Needle Lifting”, where skin boosters offer skin hydration and plumping, along with the collagen stimulating and skin-resurfacing properties of micro-needling technique.

In addition, complementing skin boosters with muscle-relaxing injections for wrinkle-reducing purpose improves the response to Hyaluronic acid through muscle relaxation.

What should I expect?

Some slight discomfort during injections is possible. The most of our clients at Novello Skin find treatment more comfortable than they thought. Some redness, swelling and pin prick bruising could take 48 hours to settle. There is reduced number of injections with Profhilo, making this treatment easy to manage and recovery is much quicker.

Your medical practitioner will provide you with necessary after care instructions.


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Skin Boosters & Hydration

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