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To achieve flawless, natural look through addressing fine lines, volume balance and skin tightening with long-lasting collagen-stimulating therapy, also referred as Liquid Facelift .”
The ageing process results in skin sagging and wrinkles due to reduction of elasticity with collagen depletion. SCULPTRA® is a collagen stimulator that works deep within skin, restoring facial volume and skin structure.



SCULPTRA® assists in lost collagen remodelling with gradual, natural results through the course of treatments, restoring volume, contour to your face and skin smoothness with long-lasting results. 86.3% of treated patients still showed overall improvement at 24 months after treatment, as rated by specialists.



What is SCULPTRA®?

Made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen over time. Sculptra is commonly used to address the underlying cause of ageing by correcting mild to severe facial wrinkles.
Unlike traditional collagen stimulators that are used topically and are too large to penetrate the dermis, Sculptra works within the deep dermis to revitalise collagen production. As the PLLA microparticles are absorbed, collagen strands are gradually rebuilt restoring facial volume and softening existing folds and wrinkles.

Is SCULPTRA®suitable treatment for me?

Sculptra® gradually replaces lost collagen, which is an underlying cause of facial ageing, providing natural, youthful-looking results.
Sculptra® might be appropriate for you if:
• You have smile or marionette folds or lines.
• You have chin wrinkles.
• You have volume loss associated with ageing.
• You have temples that are starting to hollow out.
• You would like to improve saggy skin.
• You are starting to develop jowls.
• You are willing to wait for results and have several treatment sessions.

How long do results last?

While not permanent, Sculptra® lasts longer than similar injectables with results up to 24 months or even more due to own collagen stimulation. However, the longevity of treatment results depends on individual factors such as life style, genetics and age.

How many sessions of SCULPTRA® would I need?

On average, three injection sessions over a few months are necessary to achieve desired fullness. The injections are administered by a trained medical provider who will determine the amount of lost facial volume and how many sessions will be needed.

What should I expect?

We will ask you to arrive make-up free on the day pf the treatment with infection preventative purpose.
The number of injection during Sculptra® session varies from the patient to patient with minimum or hardly any discomfort. It takes around 40-50 minutes to complete one procedure.
A five-minute massage should be done over the injected areas twice a day for several weeks to allow even collagen distribution. The massages help stimulate blood flow to the injected areas to develop a stronger initial collagen response and provide an even result. After few days post-procedure, much of the initial volume will disappear as the water and lidocaine of the Sculptra® injections are absorbed by the body.
Return in 5-6 weeks for your next treatment. Before your second treatment, you should start to see some of the effects of the first treatment. Expect to see final results in about five months.
The maintenance sessions to achieve prolong results are advised. Your medical practitioner will develop treatment plan for your individual needs.

Is there any downtime?

Sculptra® is a minimally invasive procedure. You will not require much, if any, downtime. Many individuals return to work the following day, but if swelling and bruising are a concern, one to three days is typically plenty of time. It is common to receive injections on a Friday, recover over the weekend, and return to work on Monday.

Will the injections hurt?

Usually, Sculpta® injections are tolerated very well. The Lidocaine is added to the suspension to make the procedure more comfortable. Recent innovative techniques in Sculpta® injections minimise downtime and side effects significantly.
Following the injection process, you may experience slight redness, swelling or bruising at the injected area. These effects should not last for more than several days.



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