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4th December 2019

Thread Lifting at Novello Skin

By: Yuliya Culley

Stopping the gap between non-invasive procedures and surgical lifts.

Over the years, our bodies stop producing as much collagen and elastin leaving the skin on our face and body more wrinkled and dropping. Although ageing is natural, most of us would prefer those pesky sunken cheeks and jowls to be gone. The thread lift is a simple but extremely effective way to lift certain areas of the skin to leave you with tighter skin and a more youthful look.

What is Thread Lifting?

Thread Lifting is a procedure which aims to reduce the signs of sagging skin that appear as we age. By using sutures, the skin is lifted to create a more defined appearance. Unlike a surgical facelift where the skin is removed, it is simply suspended instead, making the procedure less invasive with none of the risks of surgery. This action pulls back the skin creating a lifting effect while also prompting a healing response from the body, creating an influx of collagen production.

Where can Thread Lifting be done?

At Novello Skin, we offer PDO, PCL and Silhouette Soft Thread Lifting for anywhere on the body. This applies to areas on the face – cheeks, eyebrows, prevention of bags, smokers lines, fine lines around the cheeks, angles around the mouth and laughter lines. Areas on the body include forearms, abdomen, sagging neck skin, and lifting of breasts.

Why get a Thread Lift?

Thread Lifting offers all of the benefits of a surgical facelift with none of the surgical risks. Boasting an extremely low level of risk due to being less invasive, they can also add reduced downtime to the list. This makes it incredibly simple to return to your normal routine after the procedure! Another benefit of the Thread Lift is the price tag attached. As the procedure is, comparably, not as complex as a surgical lift, the procedure costs less too.

Novello Skin

Novello Skin, located in Cheltenham, aims to provide high-level, non-surgical procedures for our patients. As non-surgical aesthetic treatments have become increasingly popular over the years, it’s important you find somewhere that will ensure your safety and put you in the hands of an experienced professional.

The owner of Novello Skin, Yuliya Culley RGN, INP (Independent Nurse Prescriber), BSc, MSc, started her practice in Aesthetic Medicine in 2009 and since then has performed a wide variety of non-surgical procedures. For beautiful and natural results, you’re always in safe hands with Novello Skin.

To book in or contact us, call us on: 01242 230440 or 07702 010582

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