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Facial Spider Veins

Spider veins are also known as thread veins, rosacea, vascular blemishes, spider naevi, or the medical term, telangiectasia.

Facial Spider Veins


The vein removal treatment that makes a difference…
ThermaVein offers the immediate, safe and permanent removal of thread veins, also known as spider veins or medically referred to as telangiectasia.  There are a variety of commonly used names used to describe this treatment, including rosacea, vascular blemishes, and spider naevi. 

The unique process is acclaimed by international industry experts with thousands of successful treatments have been performed worldwide.
The ThermaVein was developed in collaboration with Dr. Brian Newman M.D., FRCS the pioneer of a process called “thermocoagulation”. This technology is different from IPL, Laser or Epilation – the alternatives used to treat the condition with varying results and a range of undesirable side effects. Our treatment offers consistent results, backed up by clinical trials and the highest patient safety rating, without the risk of burns or bruising in comparison to other technologies.

Facial Spider Veins


How does treatment work?

ThermaVein delivers a tiny microwave current for under 0.2 seconds at a time. This current travels a maximum of 1.5mm into the treatment area. By comparison, this is a similar size to the head of a pin or a grain of sand. The technique causes the vein to close and to disappear instantly.

How many treatments are required?

Many clients can be treated in just one session, depending on the extent of their condition. This is discussed during the consultation process. It would be unusual for a client to require more than 3 sessions, as the treatment is very effective. The follow-up appointment is a part of the service offered to our patients to ensure satisfactory results.

How long does a treatment take?

A typical treatment should take no more than 15 minutes, immediately after this time the patient will see a significant improvement in their condition if not total eradication.

Are there any side effects?

Unlike with other treatments, such as Laser or IPL, there are no known side effects. The patient suffers no bruising, scarring or similar. Some redness and crusting in treated areas can be expected, which disappears in a couple of days. In addition, there is no requirement to avoid sunlight, as with other treatments, although we do recommend sun protector as general skincare advice.

Other treatments require patients to avoid the sun as the treatment burn and thin the skin making it very vulnerable to the sun. Thermavein does not cause any burns and is very accurate, most clients feel a little pinching sensation at the most.

Does the treatment cure a problem?

The treatment will remove visible signs of the condition. There is a wide range of underlying causes, which may lead to new areas developing. If this happens, a maintenance session is advised to resolve the symptoms at an early stage.

If there are concerns of recurrence, a 4-8 week review is offered after the initial treatment, along with annual reviews, to prevent any new areas from development.



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Facial Spider Veins

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