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4th December 2019

Address Your Pigmentation Problems with Novello Skin

By: Yuliya Culley

Melanin, a naturally-occuring pigment, takes responsibility for the colour of our skin, hair and eyes. Individuals with more melanin will normally possess a darker skin colour as this is a substance that appears in the skin in varying degrees. 

Outside of skin colour, freckles, small yet very visible dark spots on the skin, are perhaps the most tangible example of melanin in the common consciousness. It is often said that they are a product of exposure to the sun, with melanocytes, the cells that comprise melanin, forced into heavy production when the skin is faced with prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.


Yet, although freckles are an innocuous reminder of summer and time spent outside enjoying the warm weather, further, more severe changes in pigmentation, often known as hyperpigmentation, can have more of an impact on our confidence and self-esteem. Sun spots are larger and more permanent reminders of our sunbathing excursions, appearing largely on our hands and faces. With the likelihood of their formation on the skin only increasing with age, those who do not exercise the proper precautions, such as wearing appropriate sunscreen, when out in the sun are more prone to the development of these skin anomalies.

It’s also important to note that hyperpigmentation is not only influenced by sun exposure. Melasma, commonly referred to as the “pregnancy mask”, is a hyperpigmentation phenomenon largely experienced by pregnant women due to hormonal changes, appearing most often on the stomach or the face. Characterised by patches of darker skin, it is often brown in colour and, although not harmful, can lead to a crisis of confidence.As a general rule, those with darker skin are more vulnerable to developing the symptoms of hyperpigmentation and it is a condition that can have many adverse effects on perceptions of body image as well as overall happiness and wellbeing.

How Novello Skin can help

At Novello Skin, run by INP (Independent Nurse Practitioner) Yuliya Culley, we have a thorough working knowledge of how best to manage the appearance of hyperpigmentation and have made it our mission to help our patients seek out solutions to their melanin-related concerns.

For milder forms of the condition, there are a range of serums and creams on the market, such as those produced by Obagi Skincare, that feature ingredients put in place to reduce pigmentation changes in the areas affected. More stubborn forms of hyperpigmentation, however, require a more concentrated form of intervention. The varying strengths of our chemical peel treatments can work wonders for those made self-conscious by darkened patches of skin. Here, the exfoliation process can strip away the compromised skin cells and replace them entirely for a fresher look, working most effectively when targeted at the skin’s deeper layers.

We also offer microneedling treatments, carried out by a device that creates tiny punctures in the skin to activate the body’s intelligent natural repair functions. Prompting the production of collagen, microneedling leaves patients’ skin regenerated and more even in texture, seeing off the signs of hyperpigmentation in the process.

For more information on what we can do to solve your hyperpigmentation problems, contact us today!

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